Terms & Conditions

1. General Conditions

1st: World Team Project Group SL (from this point forward WTPG SL), with registered residence in Comte Borrell St., 235 – 08029 Barcelona, Spain with number B66596388, gives the right to THE CUSTOMER to watch the contents of the program acquired through the virtual platform (Virtual School) on the computer or the APP and the acquisition of the documentation and extra material (if applicable).

2nd: THE CUSTOMER will receive the contents of the program, which consist of an artistic work in video format and the corresponding documentation (if applicable), once accepting the terms & conditions, and provided the fees are paid monthly or as a whole (See 3rd clause “Outstanding payment”).

3rd: THE CUSTOMER agrees to:

    - Not to develop an identical business or with analogous characteristics to the one that is object in these terms & conditions. He/she be able to develop choreographies and dance courses based in the materials obtained.
    - Keep the secret of any information about the know-how the PROVIDER has transmitted.
    - Do not distribute the audiovisual contents (videos) provided in the Virtual School in any way and under any circumstances, to a third party.
    - Respect and maintain the image of the product and that of the artist.

4th: THE CUSTOMER assumes the total cost of the monthly fee WTPG SL receives, and this cost is COMPLETELY separate from the money received by the students. In case THE CUSTOMER assumes not to receive any monetary compensation on the part of the students or assumes personally the costs of the fees, he/she must pay anyway what is agreed.

5th: Both contracting parties agree to waive any jurisdiction by submitting to Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona.

2. Payment Methods & Fees

6th: Changes to the Price and Subscription Plans. We may change our subscription plans and the price of our service from time to time; however, any price changes or changes to our subscription plans will apply to you no earlier than 30 days following notice to you.
7th: The fractioned payment method establishes that THE CLIENT, in accordance with the cancellation policy to unsubscribe from the program, commits to the monthly payment of the program during the months indicated by WTPG SL and specified in the commercial offer. By accepting this method, THE CUSTOMER accepts that WTPG SL has the right to collect automatic and recurrently the fractioned monthly fee. When THE CUSTOMER chooses the split payment modality, the virtual platform will remain active while the payments are up to date
8th: WTPG SL will indicate to THE CUSTOMER, through the commercial offer, the customized price to be paid every month, in accordance with the payment method chosen
9th: WTPG SL makes available to THE CUSTOMER different types of payments (Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal). All the payments will be carried out online, through the platform.
10th: By accepting these terms and conditions, THE CUSTOMER accepts the commitment to the payment of the program, in accordance with its price, method and way of payment. The payment due date will be notified in the commercial offer and. If this information is not provided, the payment due date will always be the day in which the first payment was carried out. For instance: if the offer was accepted on the 12th December, the next payment will be due on January 12th and it will be carried out on the same date during the corresponding months.
11th: THE CUSTOMER can change the payment method and the type of payment chosen, prior authorization of WTPG SL. Under no circumstances, WTPG SL will accept to have a customer with no payment method established.
12th: WTPG SL reserves the right to carry out commercial offer to THE CUSTOMER that may modify the price and conditions of the initial offer.

3. Outstanding Payments

13th: It will be considered as “outstanding payment” any payment which has not be completed correctly by THE CUSTOMER (independently from the payment method).
14th: In the event of “outstanding payments” by THE CUSTOMER, WTPG SL reserves the right to cancel the access to the Virtual School (the platform in which the videos are available)
15th: WTPG SL reserves the right to offer an additional payment period, so that THE CUSTOMER can complete it in the event of “outstanding payments”.

4. Cancellation policy/unsubscribe from the program

16th: THE CUSTOMER will be able to cancel the program at any moment by following the official procedure to unsubscribe: THE CUSTOMER must send an email to support@worldteamproject.com, including the subject UNSUBSCRIBE and explaining the reasons, where he/she will be assisted to formalize the program’s cancellation.
17th: If THE CUSTOMER does not notify the cancellation of the program, WTPG SL will understand that THE CUSTOMER does continue the program and, therefore, the fulfillment of the conditions established within the initial offer.
18th: If the process to unsubscribe is carried out and the payments to complete the corresponding module have not been entirely fulfilled, it will also mean the loss of the access to view the content previously available on the platform.
19th: Once the process to unsubscribe has been carried out, WTPG SL commits not to collect THE CUSTOMER’s recurrent payment agreed in the initial offer. In the same way, no payment carried out before the start of the procedure to unsubscribe will be refunded.