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Discipline, humility and perseverance. Power, strength and a winner attitude. For the first time in history, the number 1 coach shares his training sessions program with all those coaches and clubs that want to learn his successful methodology and obtain the structured class-to-class syllabus that will help them revolutionize their classes. You have at hand everything he’s learnt, created and developed in terms of technique, tactics, strategy and pedagogy. You will be able to improve your skills as a coach, become a great mentor and make your club grow. Implement his official training program and make a difference in this sport. Make a living out of your passion!


Get ready to mark a milestone in your curriculum. This exclusive training will allow you to improve your abilities as a player and a coach to strengthen your talent.


Forget about thinking what to do in your trainings: each mastery's lesson is equivalent to 1 real padel class or training that you can make with your players. You will have access to prepared trainings for 2 academic years in total!


Strengthen your career and gain more recognition applying the methodology of one of the best coaches in your trainings. Promote yourself with the official flyer of Toni Nadal.

What students are saying

Learning from Toni's technique and methodology is a great honor. I'm a huge fan of all his career and I think that his work as a coach is unbelievable. This training program includes everything he puts into practice in his trainings, so you can learn a lot from him.
This is amazing! I've spent many years as a tennis coach and I've never had the chance to train with Toni. In my country there's not too much support to the sport and this is a great opportunity for me to improve my technique and tactics. Toni explains everything very clearly and he works on the players' psychological aspect, which I think is very important.


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