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Train yourself with the official syllabus of the referents in Kizomba and train your learners with their methodology.

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Gain exclusive access to their technique, style and tips in order to become a referent instructor and take your academy to the next level.

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Global benchmark couple of Kizomba

In short, Isabelle and Félicien are a story of passion. They fell in love many years ago and they have made other dancers fell in love with them since the first moment they put foot on a stage. In their choreographies, they combine their technique and innovative spirit, apart from their elegance and authenticity, what make them special. Nowadays, they are considered as one of the global benchmark couples of Kizomba. Part of their recognition comes from the success of one of their best choreographies, which is “Soha”, from Mil Pasos, one of the most watched videos on YouTube. Today, you have the chance to learn to dance like them. Their objective now is to spread their style and techniques to help dance instructors take a step forward in their career, without losing the essence and willingness to enjoy what they really like: dancing.


Get ready to mark a milestone thanks to this exclusive syllabus. This training will allow you to improve your dancing and teaching abilities in terms of technique and style.


Forget about thinking what to do in your classes and courses: each mastery's lesson is equivalent to 1 real dance class that you can make with your students. You will have access to prepared classes for 1 academic year in total!


Catapult your career and gain more recognition applying the methodology of the pair of the best dancers in your classes. Promote yourself with the official flyer of Isabelle and Félicien.

Willing to train the world's best artists and revolutionize your career as an instructor

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