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World MasteryAbout Horacio Álvarez
Counts with than 30 years of experience around the world in paddle and more than 4000 coached trainers
World MasteryThe HAC methodology
A complete program with prepared trainings with Horacio Alvarez methodology
World MasteryGet inspired
There are no limits to knowledge, keep yourself inspired and learn from a world renowned master

Thanks to this course you will...

iconYou will gain the confidence necessary to help your students become better one step at a time
iconDevelop yourself as a coach with Horacio’s personal methodology
iconLearn from a world champions coach, from his theoretical teachings but also from his experience
iconLearn exercises to approach the different moves and game strategies
iconEvery class is a prepared training for you to use with your players
iconPrepare yourself to become a better coach for your students and meet their needs

Content of the Course


36 Classes


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36 Classes


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Horacio áLvarez Clementi

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