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Challenge body and mind with Cyoga and Carmen Aguilar.

With more than 19 years of experience as yoga teacher and a few more as a practitioner herself, Carmen Aguilar has been spreading the knowledge of yoga to practitioners and teachers all over the world. All these experiences have let her create a dynamic and at the same time therapeutic style. Cyoga, aims to be an intense practice where students reach their best, both phisically and mentally, making the whole experience of the practice the most valuable part. A Cyoga class sequence is created around one or more peak poses giving all students the chance of achieving a challenging yoga pose. The ultimate goal of Carmen Aguilar is to make all levels of students feel included in the practice, when they leave a Cyoga class is always with a sense of accomplishment.

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This is your opportunity to teach a dynamic and intense yoga class where all your students reach their best both physically and mentally

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In this online course you'll find the necessary tools to get your yoga classes ready, adding new sequences to the structure that you already have or creating a complete new one.

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